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Im Krankenhaus

Im Krankenhaus


Im Krankenhaus (In Hospital) —
a photo book edited by the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung was published in 1993. It was the last book to be designed by Otl Aicher, and the photographs by Timm Rautert were considered groundbreaking. Twenty-five years on the foundation once again invited photographers to take pictures inside the Alfried Krupp Hospital. Ludwig Kuffer, Andreas Langfeld, and Elisabeth Neudörfl have produced images of a
high-tech and tightly functioning work environment, whose focus is still centred on people serving people. Their pictures are accompanied by texts of different types, be it essayistic (Hanna Engelmeier), literary (Thomas Hettche), or scientific (Armin Nasseh). The authors address a variety of themes: the hospital as a specific location; notions of illness and death; and the relationship between hospitals and society.

parts of the book "Im Krankenhaus", 220 pp. with 55 black-white and 160 colour images,

hardcover, cloth binding, designed by Nicola Reiter, published by Spector Books, Leipzig, April, 2018 ISBN: 9783959051637.



exhibbition view, "Filters & Frames" / Developing meaning in photography and beyond, HBK Galerie, Braunschweig, 2019.

since 2017


In the Picture Agencies and

Photo Desks von AFP, dpa,

Libération, L’OBS, TAZ

(ongoing)(Paris & Berlin).



with Voice-Over by
Estelle Blaschke (49min)

Filmstills, Photographs.


A photographic and cinematic work about the process of selection in picture agencies and photo desks.
The differents links in the chain of picture processing compose into a room installation similar to a newsroom. The documentary view on the interlocking processes of selection and editing provides an idea of the work of picture editors and deals in that way with the indistinguishable processes behind the images, which influences and documents current world affairs.
The pictures editors role in this process is equally a concentrated filter who questions the images for its effort and specific purpose as well as surgeons who adapt the effect of an image, underline it or even change it.

exhibition views, “Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie”, Zephyr & Port 25, Mannheim. Walzmühlpassage, Ludwigshafen, 2017.

Stationen -

Fotosammlung der Familie

Khalil 1998-2016



In 2016 I was invited to develop and contribute a new work for the F/Stop Festival for Photography 2016 in Leipzig. For this exhibition I worked with the personal archive from the family Khalil who fled from Syria. The core of this work was to question media shaped images concerning flight and migration which we encounter daily.
The circumstances in which these pictures are made aggravating an unprejudiced approach to this subject. Beside that there are lot of images which don’t reach us. This work closes some missing links and opens to new questions about images of migration used in medias. By viewing this work one should reconcile the images in mind used by media and image agencies, chosen with the western view of the picture editors and photographed under the order for using the most marketable picture language.


exhibition views, “F/Stop Festival für Fotografie”, Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, 2016.



In this project titled „Status“ I intensely pursued questions of acceptation and dignity of human beings of different origin using a documentary view. For this purpose I worked together with Sinti and Roma groups and Refugees who found their way to Germany via Lampedusa. What they all have in common is that they are facing enormous difficulties to obtain a permanent right of residence in Germany. My work is a critical examination of the European/German asylum politics and the value of human beings. My work should offer an access to this issue outside of mainstream media as well as contribute an own point of view. By viewing my work one should have the possibility to emancipate from media shaped prejudices but also from my attitude. In 2016 I had the possibility to show this body of work in a solo exhibition at the Museum Ostwall in Dortmund, who purchased some of the images for their collection.


exhibition views from "Status" solo exhibition at Museum Ostwall, Dortmund, 2016.


since 2008


The series „Shows“ was photographed in the punk and hardcore scene and depicts documentary moments at concerts. It shows “real images”, nevertheless they are open, in order to feel the aura of the moment. This series shows more then usually meets the eye. Not least due to the camera positioning which puts the observer in the midst of the setting as well as the lighting, which creates an atmospheric interplay between light and shadow and completely blanks out the coloured, ambient light. Despite the seemingly chaotic and aggressive pictures, they transmit some kind of silence for a moment that can also be experienced by the observer. As if a video sequence is briefly stopped. With the knowledge that, after pushing the play-button, it could resume at any moment. At the same time, new horizons and an intellectual examination are opened to the observer. One can dive into the emotional world of the depicted persons.

exhibition views, „Allem Anschein nach“,
Pop-Up gallery, Bochum, 2014.

beyond moderation

Beyond Moderation
since 2007

The series No Moderation is a photographic and documentary examination of the punk and hardcore scene. This series is not so much a closed body of of work, but more a colletion of images. The images I extract and choose from the archive of this series can vary with each exhibition, while the archive is steady growing. A significant element in this series is keeping an eye on different people, emotions and situations, which coexist between aggressiveness and silence and bringing those within the selection.

Exhibitions / Talks

2008   _"Hier und jetzt; andere Räume im Ruhrgebiet", Duisburg
        (curated by Tobias Zielony)

2013   _ Machine hall Zweckel, Gladbeck / "100 Jahre RBH Logistics",

       _ Rabbit Gallery - "Space for Do-It-Yourself Culture", Mönchengladbach
         Solo exhibition / "No Moderation",

2014   _ Galerie 52, Essen / "Folkwang Fotografie Absolventen",

       _ Pop-Up gallery, Bochum / "Allem Anschein nach"

       _ Baustelle/Schaustelle gallery, Essen / "Clap", artist books exhibition
       _ Zeche Zollverein Sanaa Building, Essen / "Räume für Fotografie"

2015   _ Pop-Up gallery in Essen, solo exhibition / "Beyond Moderation",
        (curated by Veit Hüter)

       _ Museum Folkwang, Essen / Screening of the film „Am Mythos Steinert
         haben viele gestrickt", in the exhibition
        "Otto Steinert - Absolute Gestaltung" (curated by Florian Ebner)

2016   _ Museum Ostwall, Dortmund, solo exhibition / "Status"
        (curated by Nicole Grothe)

       _ Off-Space "Brause", Düsseldorf, night of the museums, solo exhibition

       _"F/Stop Festival für Fotografie",Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig & Nürnberg /
        "Stationen" (curated by Anne König, Jan Wenzel)

       _ C/O Berlin / Museum Folkwang, Essen / Sprengel Museum Hannover /
         Screening of the documentary short films
        "Michael Schmidt und die Werkstatt für Fotografie",
        (curated by Florian Ebner, Thomas Weski, Inka Schube, Felix Hoffmann)
       _ Lecture at Ruhrmuseum, Essen / "Impulse. Fotografie im Ruhrgebiet"

2017   _ Sanaa Building, Essen / "An diesem Ort_die Ungewissheit bestimmt den
         Aufenthalt" (curated by Elke Seeger)
       _ Museum Ostwall, Dortmund / Presentation of the collection

       _"Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie", Mannheim, Ludwigshafen,
         Heidelberg / "Newsroom-Editeure" 
        (curated by Kathrin Schönegg, Kerstin Meincke, Florian Ebner, Boaz Levin,
         Christin Müller, Fabian Knierim)

2018   _"F/Stop Festival für Fotografie", Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig
        (curated by Anne König, Jan Wenzel)

2019   _ HBK Galerie, Braunschweig / "filters & frames" group exhibition and
         symposium / "Newsroom - Editeure"
        (curated by Elisabeth Pichler & Katja Böhlau)
       _ Museum Kallmann, Ismaning / "Framing. Medien macht Bilder" /
        "Newsroom- Editeure" (curated by Rasmus Kleine & Luca Daberto)

       _ Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris / new work & assistant curator /

        "Calais - Testimonies from the "jungle" (curated by Florian Ebner)

       _ WalzwerkNull, Düsseldorf / "Im Krankenhaus" (curated by Dirk Rose)

2020   _ 13 3 BIS, Antifoto-BAR @Tina Miyake, Düsseldorf, colective work in
         progress exhibition series related to the current situation
        (Covid-19)(w/ Katja Stuke, Oliver Sieber, Alex Grein, Talisa Lallai, ...)
       _ nGbK, Berlin / Radikale Passivität: Politiken des Fleisches (curated by 
         Kathrin Busch, Ilse Hafer


*1984    _ lives and works in Düsseldorf (D)


2006-    _ Photography/Design Studies at Folkwang University of Arts,
2014       Essen. Diploma (w/ Instinction) in March 2014

2011-    _ Student assistant for Prof. Susanne Weirich at
2014       Institute for Art and Art Theory, University Duisburg-Essen

2015-    _ Freelance writer for the Photonews Magazine

2016/17  _ Teaching Assignment, Masterstudies „Photography

           and Research“ at Folkwang University of Arts, Essen

2018     _ Teaching Assignment at University Greifswald /

           Caspar-David-Friedrich-Institute for fine art


2020/21  _ Teaching Assignment at University of Arts HBK Braunschweig

         _ Teaching Assignment at University Duisburg-Essen /
           Institute for Art and Art Theory,
         _ Teaching Assignment at Hochschule Düsseldorf


CV / Education

Books / Publications

Projects / Grants

2011     _ Selfpublished Photo book "TIS - a visual attack"
2016     _ Photo book "Lost Heimweh", published by Rookie Records,
           Hamburg & Kindap Music Records, St. Wendel

2018     _ Photo book "Im Krankenhaus" funded by the Alfried Krupp
           von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation in cooperation with the
           Museum Folkwang w/ photographs by Elisabeth Neudörfl,
           Ludwig Kuffer, Andreas Langfeld, design by Nicola Reiter,
           texts by Armin Nassehi, Hanna Engelmeier, Thomas Hettche,
           artistic direction by Florian Ebner, Volker Troche, Svenja
           Paulsen, published by Spector Books, Leipzig
         _ Book / Migrant Image Research Group:
          "Lampedusa, Image stories on the edge of europe",
           published by Spector Books, Leipzig

2015     _"Migrant Image Research Group" (collective work), 
           w/ Anne König, Armine Linke,Estelle Blaschke,Jan Wenzel,
           Paula Bulling, Emilie Josso, Ina Kwon, Helmut Völter, Karolina
           Sobel, Elisa Calore, Lisa Bergmann, Haitham % Mohammed
           El-Seht, Valeria Malito & others

2016-    _ Photo work „Im Krankenhaus“ funded by the Alfried Krupp
2018       von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation in cooperation with the
           Museum Folkwang
2016-    _"Emscherbilder",scholarship by the Emschergenossenschaft in   
2017       cooperation with the Ruhrmuseum, Essen  

2017     _"Plat(t)form", emerging artists program at
           Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland

2018     _ German Photobook Award "silver" for "Im Krankenhaus"



_ Museum Ostwall, Dortmund
_ Ruhrmuseum, Essen
_ Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf

© Andreas Langfeld 2019

Münsterstr.36 HH
40476 Düsseldorf




2015     _ Documentary film "Am Mythos Steinert haben viele gestrickt"
           w/ Linda Conze (Curator and Photohistorian), for the
           symposium,"Arbeit am Bild. Otto Steinert und die Felder des
           Fotografischen" (Museum Folkwang / Folkwang UdK)

2016     _ Documentary short films w/ Svenja Paulsen (Curator),
           about and for the exibition series "Michael Schmidt und die
           Werkstatt für Fotografie", Museum Folkwang, Essen, C/O Berlin,
           Sprengel Museum, Hannover

         _"Lost Heimweh" w/ Kay Özdemir (visual attack collective)
           documentary film about the music group Pascow.
2018     _ Film about Gabriele Franziska Goetz, for her exhibition
          "Publizieren als künstlerische Praxis / ambulantdesign",
           Amsterdam und Kassel

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